Redesigning sticker for car BALI ZOO PARK.
From the results of the brief with the Bali Zoo, it was decided to create illustrations
which suggests Fun and colorfull. Client confidence to give me the freedom to create and select a color illustration that ‘different’ is greatly appreciated here.
Here’s a rough sketch to the final outcome of iustrasi to Bali Zoo

konsep awal
sticker terpasang

Dr. Unken

Design icon for your t-shirt.
Dr. DRUNKEN Unken derived from the word meaning drunk.
But that does not mean t-shirt is for the drunks, but to take
cuteness of a person in a state of drunkenness.

KUDETA – easter 2012

Illustration for Easter event (Easter) at KU DE TA
KUDETA is the name of a very famous club in Bali.
Club events, parties often attended by thousands of tourists in Bali.
In addition to adults, the club is also concerned about the children, it is evident from the Easter event was held dedicated to the children.


Festival Film Dokumenter Bali

Poster for the Documentary Film Festival Bali,
The concept of the logo is describing: the uniqueness of humans with different cultural backgrounds, who sees the world with a perspective different.
Maybe you could see this design in the form of billboards at several points in the city Denpasar.


ilustrasi untuk yayasan ECO Bali

Eco Bali is the foundation engaged in the environment, where the main focus is
the environment clean. Various ways they are doing this to to tackle hygiene problems, one of which is a way of learning about the importance of hygiene
to children.
Here is a small illustration in the form of comics are pasted on notebooks distributed free of charge. Hopefully the next generation more aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness.

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Artwork for JACK O’NEILL

One day I received an email with an invitation to attend the exhibition to commemorate “60 years of Jack O’Neill”. First of all I doubt if this spam email. But it turns out the email was serious, I was asked to participate in response to Jack O’Neill figure as one of the people who contributed in world surfing. He who memmeprkenalkan swimsuit for the first time.
When I saw the figure of Jack on the intenet, I got the idea to create illustrations that represent the world ocean, surfing, the god of the ocean and Balinese carvings. I made sketches on paper then I scan and color in potoshop and a little help Corel Painter. After finishing my canvas print and framed. That night the exhibition held at the Mantra. the exhibition was attended by the surfer, artists, and entrepreneur surfing. After exciting exhibition at Mantra (Seminyak) finally my artwork was chosen to join the world tour with artwork2 from other countries in the event 60 years global and innovation art tour. The exhibition will be held in several countries asia, africa, europe, and ended up in Santa Cruz in November. This is the first artwork I joined the world tour, an extraordinary eksempatan.
Thnx Jack!

For video and photo2 ekesibisi can be found here:

final color


Holaa .. been a long time not update this blog.

Ok at the request of many friends, then sy will upload a new image with the process.
I can not show the per phase due to time constraints.
Hopefully the third stage of the process can be illustrated briefly.
If it is less obvious, you can email me: gusmang.monez @
This character I named “Margarot”.¬†all the process from sketch to final color done in adobe potoshop